Faculty Insights: Business and Management

Emotion in organisations

Dr. Annette Clancy
Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour

In this interview, Dr. Annette Clancy discusses her research on emotion in organisations and, in particular, how unconscious dynamics affect how work is performed.

Second chance entrepreneurship

Dr. Orla Byrne
Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Strategy

Dr. Orla Byrne discusses her research in the area of business failure, which is one of the biggest deterrents to entrepreneurial activity.

The benefits of entrepreneurship education for persons with disabilities

Dr. Bruce Martin
Lecturer in Management

In this interview, Dr. Bruce Martin discusses his research on entrepreneurship education and the benefits associated for those with disabilities.

The role of culture, behaviour and psychology in boardrooms

Professor Niamh Brennan, Michael MacCormac
Professor of Management

In this interview, Professor Niamh Brennan, discusses the role of culture, behaviour and psychology in boardrooms.

Turning orgranisational problems into opportunities

Dr. Esther Tippman
Lecturer in Strategy and International Business

In this interview, Dr. Esther Tippman discusses her research in the area of organisational problem solving. As part of the research, Dr. Tippman considers what drives the development of creative solutions and how organisations can use problems as an opportunity to innovate.

Why stopping for the yellow light is faster

Professor Mark Pagell
Chair in Global Leadership

In this interview, Professor Pagell discusses his research in the area of Sustainable Supply Chain Management. Specifically, he discusses the trade-offs in managing the supply chain to meet effectiveness goals and managing the supply chain to protect the workers in the chain.

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